Heat exchangers

This heat exchanger production line is the work’s result of MIB-HYDRO and ALIPRESSE, 2 companies from DIMECO.
This line is able to deal with 3 kinds of products with different sizes becoming then heat exchangers after steps of stamping, forming and stacking from copper and inox coil at a rate of 10 parts per minute.


Data sheet

The MIB-HYDRO line includes

For stamping
• 1 hydraulic arch press 2000T
• Tables 1500 x 1300 mm
• Stroke 200 mm
• Passage 580 mm
• Working speed 5 to 18 mm/s
• Approach speed 130 mm/s

For forming
• 1 hydraulic Arch press 120T
• Tables 800 x 800 mm Stroke 400 mm
• passage 900 mm

The DIMECO ALIPRESSE line includes

  • 2 motorized uncoilers : 1 for inox coil, 600 mm width maxi, thickness 0.35 mm, 1 for copper coil, 600 mm width maxi, thickness 0.005 mm
  • A1 – NC controlled gripper feeder, one spraying lubrication unit
  • A2 – 2 x 10 ton force punching heads fitted out with tooling sets to proceed to notching operations
  • B3 – one numerized gripper feeder to eject embossed parts
  • B1 – 4 x 10 ton force punching heads fitted out with tooling sets to do holes
  • B2 – one twister for part swivelling
  • B4 – one numerized gripper transfer to ensure plate stacking
  • C-one driven transfer to eject assembled plates
  • D – one pile turn-over unit at the end of the line
  • One automated manual handling device.

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