Fields of application: Assembly

Hydraulic assembly presses are widespread in the industry. They are particularly used for fitting and unfitting operations (shaft , ball joints , bearings ), or crimping.

These machines can be equipped with force sensors and linear encoders to ensure the control of the cylinder stroke.

Equipment fully designed and manufactured by MIB by Numalliance.


Our machines

MIB by Numalliance, specialising in the manufacture of customised hydraulic presses, offers various models of assembly presses. Widely used in various branches of industry and production, this type of press allows crimping operations, as well as the fitting or removal of multiple parts, such as bearings, shafts or ball joints. As MIB by Numalliance makes its presses to measure, the customer can choose the equipment, for example, for hydraulic assembly presses, linear rules or force sensors.

MIB by Numalliance supplies the automotive industry in particular. Its hydraulic presses are designed on request, after studying the specific needs and constraints of the automotive production site. These presses are used in production lines for forming, assembly and mounting. For the fitting line, MIB by Numalliance offers electric presses with a force of 4 tonnes, equipped with a vibrating bowl and a 4-position turntable. The machines are equipped with a digital ruler for position control and a sensor to check the pressure. A hydraulic press for crimping and pressing will consist of two 25-tonne cylinders.