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MIB Hydro is a company based in Rhône-Alpes region, heart of the French industrial axis.

Our company is specialized in the manufacture of hydraulic presses and production lines. MIB Hydro’s Hydraulic presses are designed and manufactured according to your specifications and requirements.
They are used for transformation of composites and thermoset plastics (hydraulic hot compression presses, hydraulic presses with heating platens, hydraulic laboratory presses, hydraulic presses for RTM, SMC, BMC, hot stamping of composites) for metalworking (single / double / triple effect hydraulic stamping presses, hydraulic cutting presses, hydraulic crimping presses, hydraulic fitting presses…) and for other industrial applications.

We also offer you production lines customized to your needs with loading and unloading solutions and quick tool change solutions (SMED). Our experience in the most advanced technical sectors such as automotive, aerospace and composite allow us to offer optimized and reliable solutions, while meeting the highest standards.

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Types of manufacturing & fields of application

Types of manufacturing

Fields of application


Technology requires knowledge and expertise.

Designer and manufacturer of hydraulic presses since 1955, MIB Hydro has developed strong skills in the creation of equipment for high-tech industries (automotive, aerospace, composite …).

Our expertise allows us to offer optimized solutions to our most demanding customers, while meeting the highest standards.

Our close cooperation with tooling companies allows us to provide you  turn- key solutions.


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Fabrication de presse hydraulique selon vos cahiers des charges et spécifications


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Fabrication de presse hydraulique selon vos cahiers des charges et spécifications


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Fabrication de presse hydraulique selon vos cahiers des charges et spécifications

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In a highly competitive world, manufacturers compete to generate components faster than ever, with higher levels of profitability and reduced amounts of waste. This necessitates a machine with enhanced accuracy, versatility, accuracy, and reliability. Mibhydro hydraulic presses offer unlimited possibilities, unparalleled uptime and unbeatable performance. Due to their superb flexibility, Mibhydro hydraulic presses are perfect for a wide range of applications, including bending, blanking, compression moulding, drawing, hot forming, punching and stamping, to name but a few. Made to the highest standards, these special machines are ideal for use in many sectors, such as the automotive, aerospace and composite industries.

Why are Mibhydro hydraulic presses preferable to their mechanical counterparts?

There are multiple reasons why customised hydraulic presses are the vastly preferred option. The very principles of hydraulic engineering are inherently suited to creative applications, making it easy to customise the machine to your specific needs. They can generate full tonnage throughout each stroke, offering a far greater degree of programming flexibility. A hydraulic system also takes up far less space than mechanical presses and is far cheaper to repair and maintain than alternative options, thus making good economic sense. These are just a few examples of the ways in which a Mibhydro hydraulic press offers optimised, reliable and bespoke solutions for your company.