MIB by Numalliance :


MIB by Numalliance is a French company based in the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region.

Founded in 1955, under the name IBCM (Industrie du Bois et de la Création Mécanique), it was for a long time specialised in the design of hydraulic plate presses for the manufacture of plywood before diversifying into other sectors.

Acquired by the Numalliance group in 2019, world leader in turnkey productivity solutions for wire, tube and flatbed forming, MIB has managed to establish itself as a key player in the world of hydraulic and electric presses and production lines thanks to its know-how and expertise.

The hydraulic presses are designed and manufactured according to the most demanding customer specifications. MIB by Numalliance presses are used for the transformation of composites and thermosets (hot compression hydraulic presses, hydraulic presses with heated platens, laboratory hydraulic presses, hydraulic presses for RTM, SMC, BMC processes, composite stamping), for the transformation of metals (single/double/triple-acting hydraulic presses, hydraulic cutting presses, hydraulic crimping presses, hydraulic presses for press-fitting… ) and for other industrial applications.

MIB has also developed a range of standard hydraulic presses and its latest creation is an electric press offering very high capacities, all these presses can be autonomous or integrated into a machine.

We also offer you production lines adapted to your needs, with press loading and unloading solutions, and quick tool changes. Our experience in the most demanding technical fields such as automotive, aerospace and composite enables us to offer you optimised and reliable solutions, while meeting the strictest standards. Although they are not exhaustive, the machines you will discover on this site will give you an idea of our know-how.

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Types of production & areas of application




Technology requires know-how and expertise


With over 60 years of experience in the manufacture and design of hydraulic presses, MIB by Numalliance is a major player in the sector. This experience gives us a high level of technical expertise and a real strength of proposal in the interest of our customers’ quality/cost. MIB by Numalliance produces customised machines, based on existing specifications or adapted standards, built in collaboration with our design office. Thanks to our flexible and reactive structure, we are able to provide appropriate solutions for rapid decision-making. We are also partners with innovative companies, enabling us to carry out turnkey projects.



MIB by Numalliance offers its customers hydraulic presses that comply with the 2006/42/CE machine regulations as well as the specific standards related to their fields of use. Our technical department carries out machine checks and calibrations (pressure – temperature – geometry) as well as automation (SIEMENS / SCHNEIDER / ALLEN Bradley), mechanical (SOLIDWORKS), hydraulic and electrical (SEE ELECTRICAL) studies. We also provide training for your teams in the use of our equipment, with the support of our approved trainers.



We equip factories all over the world, generating 70% of our turnover from exports. With our long experience in the international market, we are able to satisfy our customers with our teams of mobile technicians and local partners. MIB by Numalliance works in collaboration with technical translators for instructions and documentation to meet local standards (Korean KC, UL USA, GOST Russia…).



In order to guarantee to our customers an appropriate after-sales service, we have set up customised maintenance contracts to meet their requirements. To provide this service, MIB by Numalliance mobilises significant technical and human resources. Our qualified technicians are at the service of our customers to carry out maintenance and repair operations. We have a stock of spare parts. We can also provide technical support by remote maintenance (MODEM or telephone).



Always with a view to performance, our teams carry out technological monitoring in order to develop our know-how and offer you ever more innovative solutions. MIB by Numalliance provides its customers with a team of qualified engineers to carry out technical and process feasibility studies, while respecting the confidentiality agreements for your projects (innovations – patents). We also rely on a solid network of technical laboratory partners (CETIM / IRT) as well as equipment manufacturers (BOSCH-Rexroth / MOOG / …), enabling us to offer you the best solutions for your projects.



MIB by Numalliance helps make your company a showcase for Industry 4.0.

Industry 4.0 is an opportunity for you to strengthen your production by making it more competitive and flexible in the digital revolution. That’s why MIB offers the integration of new digital technologies into your production process to increase the efficiency of your field operations and give you a real advantage.

Indeed, the industry of the future offers a vision of your production in real time; thus improving the quality of your products and continuously controlling your machines.

MIB by Numalliance 4.0 solutions become an interconnected unit in which the machines, the information system and the products communicate permanently.

In a few words: the benefits of MIB by Numalliance 4.0 solutions

        • Productivity improvement
        • Control and measurement of the results
        • Optimisation of production
        • Predictive maintenance: reducing costs and increasing machine life
        • Reduction of the environmental impact

Our references

Modularity and adaptability are the key words of the MIB by Numalliance offer. This innovative concept allows us to supply customised hydraulic presses while reducing the costs of design and engineering. The standard models of MIB by Numalliance can be used for hydraulic presses for cutting or assembly, forming and straightening presses, setting and crimping lines, as well as other models as required.

The offer includes technical solutions for changing on-board tools and for rapid loading and unloading of the press. By choosing a MIB by Numalliance model, companies benefit from follow-up, including commissioning, maintenance and training.

MIB by Numalliance has three types of standard hydraulic presses, the technology of which can be combined and adapted to offer equipment tailored to the needs of companies. From our arch presses, gooseneck models and column presses, MIB by Numalliance creates unique hydraulic equipment according to the specifications given at the time of the order. Among the elements that can be adapted on a case-by-case basis are the tonnage of the customised hydraulic press, its equipment and the dimensions.