Types of manufacturing: Production lines

MIB by Numalliance designs, builds and installs your production line anywhere in the world. The configuration of each line is designed according to the nature of the operation to be performed. The line can have several hydraulic presses ( work in several steps ), it can be equipped with a feeding line ( for coils metal working ), cut to length devices, embossing ,punching ,heating ,resin injection …

The possibilities are endless.

We also supply part loading and unloading solutions (robot, conveyor, robot transfer… ), and the possible integration of your own material. We also manage, in accordance with current standards, the security aspect in order to ensure the safety of your operators.


Our machines

Production lines are critical to the success of your hydraulic presses, thankfully the folks at MIB by Numalliance can build your line anywhere you want. The construction of each line is based on its intended use. A single line can also have a few hydraulic presses installed, feeding lines and other add-ons like a feeding line can be equipped as well. The security of machinery is also kep up to standards. The Automatic press feature is supported in the installation of all our production lines.

Services and equipment within this category include a stamping and forming line (an unrolled sheet that has the possibility of producing multiple parts per minute), a line for cutting inner dash, deep drawing and calibrating press (a core cylinder which produces great force and quick movement of components), forming and punching automatic line (a highly adaptive heat exchanger line) and a stamping-thermoforming line (a thermoformer of sandwich material with corrective heating and comprehensive forming and cooling).