Types of manufacturing: hot pressing

MIB by Numalliance manufactures hydraulic hot compression presses, dedicated to the manufacturing of composite materials and plastic parts. These machines are customized to your specifications, in order to meet your needs from research & development  to mass production.

The machine parameters allows great flexibility in setting up of parameters and cycles. Machine interfaces allows friendly and intuitive settings for speeds, pressurization, heating, cooling ramps…

The press platens or moulds are heated by electrical cartridges or thermal oil circuit, and can be cooled down by open or closed loop.

All data on the production cycle can be recorded and archived for parts traceability.


Our machines

The procedure of building hot compression presses involves the use of composite and plastic materials. As mentioned before, these machines are developed according to your needs and requests as well as with an emphasis on mass production. Our machines have lenient boundaries with plenty of wiggle room and flexibility. Friendly interfaces allow users to easily change speed, pressure and cooling ramp settings. Our electrical cartridges are good enough to heat up press plates with regulation standards in check. All production data is recorded and can be retrieved at a later date for revisional purposes. The matter of heat press is a very serious one, you must exercise utmost caution when handling its machinery. Services related to heat presses are as follows, RTM press processing (manufactured components attached to trucks cockpit, agricultural systems and public transport), 2000 RTM compression press (press with moveable parts and convenient design), SMC compression press (a heat stabiliser and balancer for presses) and a laboratory press for multi-object pressing.