Types of manufacturing: Adapted Standard

Based on our 3 standard types of construction (arch press, 4-columns press, C-frame presses), MIB by Numalliance  manufacture your hydraulic press according to your specifications and requirements, adapting as needed the technical characteristics such as the tonnage, the dimensions, the embedded hardware …

We therefore offer machines that meet the exact needs of each client, while relying on existing machine designs. This method guarantees the reliability of our presses, and enables us to limit the cost of the machine.

We supply also Single Minute Exchange of Dies solutions (SMED), loading and unloading systems and all presses equipments.


Our machines

MIB by Numalliance manufactures different machines based on three production templates, these are Arch Press, 4 Column Press and C Frame Press. These are not static designs however, they are customised and modified to your changing needs. At MIB by Numalliance, we pride ourselves on adapting to the dynamic market of hydraulics. We have a machine that will meet the needs of every client, the initial concept of the machine will be a static design which will then be modified according to your requirements. Our method of production carries constant reliability and that level of reliability also extends to our presses, all of this allows us to decrease costs of machines in general. Single Minute Exchange of Dies solutions are on offer as well, along with their loading/unloading systems and remaining equipment. Industrial Hydraulic Press is an important part of the operation, it’s essential that your execution and equipment is up to par. The Adapted Standard includes several different services, we have the cutting of hydraulic press (the cutting of huge components with technical tools and working control), maxi forming press (provides powerful presses with a wide amount of usable space), triple acting arch press (the setting of aircraft boundaries and management of presses), a fitting line for automotive purposes, straightening and forming press (enables customised machinery and mass production in various business types) and a crimping line (similar to a fitting line but for different uses). Overall, these services ready you for future Industrial Hydraulic Press activities.