Big SMC composite parts requires presses platens which have to be wide and long. Press’ frame must be strong enough to avoid any deflection during the force uprising to guarantee the straightness of the parts. Synchronized cylinders allows the perfect parallelism between both platens during the mould closing.

Compression presses supply pressure and heating of the SMC to be manufacture. Compression press allows a pressure setting fitting the parts need. Pressure holding is adjustable as well regarding the mould process without any hydraulic oil overheating by using of variable flow pumps. Mould heat is not conducted to press frame by using of insulating platens.
Size of big SMC parts requires automatic loading and unloading by robot. The cell composed by this press, robot and fence is a proper automatic line which allows a very good production rate.


Data sheet


• Kind of press : ARCH Press
• Force : 8000 kN
• 2 synchronized cylinders
• Stroke : 800 mm
• Daylight between tables : 1300 mm
• Tables : 4400 x 2000 mm
• Approach speed : 200 mm/s
• Variable working speed : from 0 to 5 mm/s
• Return speed : 100 mm/s
• Total weight : 80 tons
• Press platens insulation
• Communication between press and loading/unloading robot
• Total Power : 50 kW

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