MIB Hydro

About us


Designer and manufacturer of hydraulic presses since 1955, MIB Hydro has developed strong skills in the creation of equipment for high-tech industries (automotive, aerospace, composite …).

Our expertise allows us to offer optimized solutions to our most demanding customers, while meeting the highest standards.

Located on the outskirts of Saint Etienne (Rhône-Alpes), our company manages all aspects of the project, from design to manufacturing of the equipment, including installation in your workshop. We operate in France, and all around the world. Our approach is based on the analysis of your needs and the development of customized solutions.

Our close cooperation with tooling companies allows us to provide you  turn- key solutions.

Finally, our affiliation with DIMECO group (130 people, 30 million of turnover) brings us a financial strength and a commercial network all through the world.

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