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Cutting hydraulic press

Cutting hydraulic press

Double synchronized cylinders

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Cutting of big parts requires presses with wide tables and a specific design fitting ergonomics issues to handle them. Technical Tools used for tissues and fibers polymer cutting need a perfect control of the press’ cycle. This working control allows to avoid tool’s damage within it own internal cycle (cutting punch, internal cylinders movements, cutting scrap evacuation). These tools have quick connectors to provides energy and cycle from the press as pneumatic and hydraulic power and electrical signals. Our specifics double synchronized cylinders presses allow to keep parallelism between ram and lower table all the way of movement even or nor pressure apply. Parallelism is managed by pressure / movement cylinders control.


  • Kind of press : ARCH Press

  • Force : 2 000 kN

  • 2 synchronized cylinders/guiding ram

  • Stroke : 1 200 mm

  • Daylight between tables : 2 000 mm

  • Tables : 3 000 x 2 000 mm

  • Approach speed : from 50 to 350 mm/s

  • Variable Working Speed : from 2 to 35 mm/s

  • Return speed : from 50 to 300 mm/s

  • Total weight : 26 T

  • Cutting scrap evacuation : holes into table/frame and double conveyor belt

  • Tool management devices :Pneumatic, hydraulic and et electrical

  • Total Power : 75 kW


Product description EN
Product description EN